About Us

Speech of School’s General Director

Students, staff, and management of Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School welcomes you to their website. We are confident that you will find the information contained on this website useful. Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School was opened in June of the year 2007 for students in the kindergarten stage through the first grade of primary school, and it was like a home for its students, whose number did not exceed 26 at that time. It is now an integrated school building that takes into account in its design the needs of all students and the international standards for schools, as it contains computer and science laboratories, a library, a drawing room, a playground, basketball, volleyball, and football courts.

Al-Nabigha Al-Sagheer School also contains a health clinic with all the necessary materials for first aid, administrative offices, it also has dedicated and experienced staff. The school is committed to providing a safe, interesting and competitive study environment that guarantees learning and achievement for all students.

We care and focus on all learning styles and strive to provide a rich variety of meaningful learning experiences that inspire innovative thinkers and confident teachers.

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Vision, Mission and Goal

Our vision is high-quality education to build a creative and loyal generation to their country capable of facing future challenges.Our mission is to provide distinguished education to prepare a generation that achieves social, economic, and cultural development through quality.

Last year, a group of grade 12 students graduated from our school’s national branch and went on to university. They were surely among the most distinctive and brilliant students.